In the year 1488, Bartolomeu Dias discovered the great, dark continent of Africa. Upon landing on a beautiful sunny day, he declared a feast, to celebrate the great discovery. According to a ship mates diary that was discovered on a shipwreck, Bartolomeu was famous for standing up and shouting “Papa Boa” (Fabulous food) just before the crew were to indulge in his fabulous meals. These meals would become as legendary as the explorer himself and were enjoyed by all and sundry over the decades.

The secret blend of spices originated with Bartolomeu’s Great Great Grandmother and were written down and buried in a secret
place by him, for fear of never returning to his beloved Algarve. Many years later the recipes were found and returned to his family
in their home town, where a young boy named Jorge would later be intrigued by the stories of his great ancestors, and dream of
preparing those meals for his friends and family. They would one day be passed onto him, and relive their legendary journey to Africa.
In his 45th year, Jorge followed in the footsteps of his great ancestors and made the long journey to Africa - with the secret family
recipes tucked safely in his pocket. He has now opened a restaurant where he can serve his friends and family those same legendary meals in honour of Bartolomeu Dias.




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