If you are looking for Real Portuguese Cuisine then Papa Boa Portuguese Restaurant & Pub is your best choice. We pride ourselves in serving the best quality portuguese food and our menu caters for everyones taste.

Papa Boa Portuguese Restaurant & Pub is spreading its wings and has decided to open its doors to the Franchising market.

If you love serving friends and family Real Portuguese Cuisine and believe you could keep up the Papa Boa Portuguese Restaurant & Pub traditions, and are interested in buying into the Papa Boa Franchise, then please contact the owner Jorge Ventura 072 331 2277 or email maggie@papaboa.co.za for more information.

Should you be selected Jorge and his crew will be at your side, guiding and training you and your staff on all things related to the running of a Papa Boa Portuguese Restaurant & Pub. Even once you are up and running Jorge and his crew will assist with operational, financial and marketing support.

Training and set up could possibly take between one to three months.




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